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Add value to your home with an outdoor living pod

//Add value to your home with an outdoor living pod

Add value to your home with an outdoor living pod

Outdoor living pods are the next big thing in outdoor living space. And they are a brilliant way to add value to your home, too.

Everyone loves the opportunity to make full use of their garden or outdoor space. Unfortunately, in the UK, the opportunities to do this are all too rare.

But if we take inspiration from our European friends, there are many ways to maximise the amount of time we can potentially spend outside.

At Blinds By Martyn, we are thrilled to be able to offer our customers a new outdoor living solution. The Outdoor Living Pod is a unique pergola-like structure. It has an adjustable, rotating louvered roof integral to its design and this allows all-year-round protection from the weather. In this way, you can have a really useful extension to your current living space.  

The roof works in such a way that when it is closed it completely excludes the elements. Rain and snow will run off the roof. Snow will not run off until it melts because there is an integrated drainage system incorporated in the design. Screens are also available for the sides of the structure.

The roof can be operated by remote control allowing you to open the roof in under a minute for maximum sunlight or the louvers can be individually rotated to provide some shade and ventilation.

Louvres cannot rotate individually: they will all rotate at the same time to the same degree

The system is modular and can cover terraces or patios of all sizes and the system can even be added to at a later date. The pods can be freestanding or adjoining your building.

You may be wondering if planning permission is required for such a structure. In most cases, the answer is no. However, if you are in a conservation, greenbelt or area of outstanding beauty, permission would probably be needed.

It may also be prudent to consider sizing as if the pod becomes an extension of your home, there are maximum dimensions allowed. Similarly, if the planned position is within 2m of a boundary, then there are height restrictions. We can give you full details as we plan the individual details of your pod.

Blinds by Martyn is thrilled to be able to offer a complete design and installation service and add bespoke features should you require them.

Contact us for more information on how to maximise the potential of your outdoor space now.

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