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All About Mirage Blinds

//All About Mirage Blinds

All About Mirage Blinds

Blinds are fantastic for a multitude of reasons; they allow in partial sunlight, provide privacy, help your home to be more energy efficient, and above all, add to your interior design theme. One style of blinds that meet all these aspects are Mirage blinds, but what are the benefits of this style of window dressing?

What are Mirage blinds?

Mirage blinds are also known as ‘day and night’ blinds, or ‘vision blinds’ and are sort of a mix between roller and Venetians. Now, you’re probably thinking how is that possible? Well, Mirage blinds are made of a dual layer of fabrics that consist of sheer and opaque panels of slats, that when closed block out the light and provide privacy.

If you’re still a little bit unsure as to what Mirage blinds are, here are a few images:



Each style of window dressing has their own unique characteristics and features. For example, Roman blinds are known for their soft folds, roller blinds are simple to operate, and Venetian blinds use adjustable slats to allow the light to peep through.

The dual layers of fabric are what makes Mirage blinds a roller and Venetian hybrid. The front layer consists of Venetian style slats (or stripes) while the back layer reduces light infiltration. Both fabric panels allow light to pass through, when the stripes are not aligned. If you wish to block out the light fully, you can adjust the fabric layers until the slats align to cover the sheer gaps.



Like traditional roller blinds, Mirage blinds can be raised and lowered to either completely, partially, or un-obstruct the window. The front layer moves independently to the back layer, allowing the stripes to glide between each other, creating an open and close effect, like a Venetian blind.

Light and privacy

Blinds can often add that final touch when decorating the home. Mirage blinds are really versatile, many styles of homes across the UK have them fitted throughout. These blinds are ideal, they allow you to let all, none, half, or partial light in, all with just a simple tilt.

Mirage blinds provide your home will all its privacy needs. The handy dual fabric layers allow users to have complete control over privacy levels. If you wish to fully block out the outside, you can align the opaque panels for total privacy, or for partial privacy, adjust the panels so that they slightly overlap.

Maintenance and Multifunctional

Cleaning blinds can be time consuming, but with Mirage blinds you can guarantee that a simple, dust, wipe or hoover is all it takes for them to look as good as new in a matter of minutes.

Unlike other blinds styles, Mirage blinds are multifunctional and can be operated in an intermediate position. The blind will still cover the majority of the window, while simultaneously providing sheer sections to allow light infiltration.  

Variety and Personalisation

Blinds are available in a huge array of fabrics, colours and patterns, and while the fabric for Mirage blinds are made from specialist materials, this does not limit the amount of colours and colour combinations you can choose from.

From natural, pale, to bright and bold, you’ll be sure to find a colour that suits your space. You can even incorporate the main colours of your interior decor theme, to create multicoloured stripes, as seen in the image below.

You can also personalise your blind with finishing touches. You can choose between a range of headrail and bottom rail colours, allowing you to blend the fixtures into your window frame for a seamless finish. Or, opt for modern chrome or brushed bronze for a contemporary look.



The installation process is very simple. Should you choose a Mirage blind from Blinds By Martyn, we offer a bespoke service where one our experts will install your blinds, while you sit back, relax, and put your feet up while we do all the hard work.

With Mirage blinds we also offer a variety of operating methods. You can choose from cord, chain, or a child safe motorised system. The motorised option is supplied with a remote control, eliminating the needs for cords or chains.

For more information regarding our extensive range of blinds, contact the team today on 01438 553 121 for a no obligation chat.

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