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Benefits of External Roller Blinds

//Benefits of External Roller Blinds

Benefits of External Roller Blinds

Preventing Solar Radiation

Solar radiation is a common issue that causes homes to overheat considerably. Buildings that consist of large expanses of glazing, especially feel the effects of unbearable internal temperatures. This often leads to people opening up the windows, trying to reduce the temperature, but this has limited benefit.

Glazing is a stylistic choice allowing floods of light into the space. However, this can cause vulnerabilities within the home. This is something you do not want during the colder season, as this can potentially increase your energy bills.

Effectively regulate solar hear, light glare and UV rays with external roller blinds from Blinds By Martyn. A common misconception about external blinds, is that they are just a shading solution from the sun. They are more than just that, as they are able to help retain the heat from escaping through the glazing in the winter months, providing an additional layer of insulation.

Our external roller blinds mount to the outside of your property, and run down directly in front of your windows, bifold and sliding doors, to provide a comfortable, healthy indoor space for you and your family all year round.

These blinds provide a physical barrier to the suns rays, and block up to 96% of the sun’s incoming solar heat radiation. Our steamline and elegant external roller blinds, act like air conditioning, keeping your property cool on even the hottest summer days, without high energy bills or related CO2 emissions.

Evenly distributed light is still admitted, avoiding the need for indoor artificial lighting. Your indoor fixtures, fittings and furniture are all protected from the sun’s UV rays, eliminating sun damage. Depending on the material you choose, clear outward visibility is maintained, simultaneously providing privacy from overlooking buildings and houses.

Moreover, during colder months, our exterior roller blinds provide an additional layer of insulation to the glazing. Air is trapped between the glass and the fabric, helping to retain heat in the building, keeping you warm and cosy through the winter whilst avoiding high winter heating bills.


How our external roller blinds work

Blinds By Martyn’s external roller blinds, work in a similar manner to our interior roller blinds. Fabric is contained around a rigid galvanised steel fabric barrel is attached to a weighted aluminium lead rail, located within side guides.

The motor is contained within the fabric barrel, and when operated, the fabric lowers and the side guides ensure that the lead rail and subsequent fabric runs smoothly and square.

The full cassette headbox around the fabric barrel protects the material and operating mechanism from all types of inclement weather when retracted. The front of the headbox easily unhinges for maintenance requirements.

Our external roller blinds have an innovative zip locking mechanism, allowing you to physically lock the screen fabric within the side channels. The blinds are then windproof, and this also prevents annoying strips of light shining through. There is no gap between the side channels and fabric, adding as an additional insect screen.

Durability and long lasting

Our external roller blinds are pleasing to the eye but highly robust. With hardware manufactured from aluminium and parts of stainless steel, our blinds are corrosion resistant and incredibly strong. Designed to withstand the toughest conditions in any busy environment, these blinds can handle it all.

At Blinds By Martyn, we have an array of finishes, styles and options available. You can complement the look of your property and chose hardware that will blend in to the exterior of your house.

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