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The Benefits of Window Shutters

//The Benefits of Window Shutters

The Benefits of Window Shutters

Shutters are fast becoming a favourite amongst homeowners, who are looking for an effective, yet stylish design for controlling light intake. Shutters bring a fresh and bright aspect to any room, perfect for simple interior decor.

Not only will shutters look great in your home, they offer an array of practical benefits that other window dressings may not.

In this post, Blinds By Martyn explains a few reasons of how shutters can benefit and add value to your home.

Kerb Appeal

First and foremost, shutters not only look fabulous inside the home, they also look elegant from the outside of the property. Kerb appeal is an incredibly important feature to most homeowners, and shutters can set your home apart from the rest.

Our shutters are made and measured to perfection, and will sit tightly in your windows recess, and look neat and tidy from outside your home. Combine this with a sleek front door, well presented front garden and you will have constructed a picture perfect exterior that generates a great first impression.

Permanent Dressing

A main benefit of window shutters is that they will never go out of date, making them the ideal permanent replacement for outdated curtains. The clean and neat appearance will always keep up with trends, and match the rooms interior design theme, no matter how often you change it.

A known benefit of window shutters is their ability to increase the value of your home. Shutters are very dependable in nature, you will not need to replace them unlike temporary design options that have gone out of style.

If you are trying to sell your home, shutters appeal to potential buyers. As they are custom made to fit your windows, there is little point removing them when you move on to your next property. With the instant kerb appeal, buyers may also be influenced by the fact they will not have to worry about window dressings when they move in. You are providing them with an added benefit, that may tip them over the edge when considering your home as an option.

Low Maintenance

A main benefit of window shutters, is that unlike window dressing options that attract dust, shutters can be cleaned with little effort. All it takes is a light dust – or a wipe down with a damp cloth – and voilà.

These are a great option if you or your family suffer from allergies, as they are easy to keep clean and prevent dust build up.

Timeless Elegance

Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home, shutters are still a great option to consider. With other styles of window dressings becoming outdated a few years after installation, shutters offer a timeless elegance. They are built to last, so you will not have to worry about replacing them in a few years.

Window shutters also have multiple aesthetic qualities that make them a popular window dressing. Shutters can add a finishing touch to a room, and reveal a stylish sense of luxury. Shutters also create a soft light infiltration, that can leave your home feeling calm and serene.

Temperature Controlling and UV Protection

Up to 50% of your homes heating and cooling is lost through the windows. Shutters provide a ‘barrier’ to your windows, allowing you to regulate your homes temperature all year round. In the winter, shutters prevent heat from escaping through the windows, whilst allowing cool air to flow during the warmer months.

You can forget racking up high heating bills during the winter, or high electricity bills during summer while you power multiple fans throughout the home. These energy conservation benefits can help to improve your homes EPC rating, even if your windows aren’t of a great quality.

Another benefit of window shutters, is that they prevent harmful UV rays from entering the room. UV rays can cause sun damage to your furniture and floors. With shutters you can adjust the slats, to direct the sunlight away from your furniture. In return, this will prolong the life of your furniture and prevent materials from fading over time.


Shutters are a great noise barrier when closed. If you live on a busy street, shutters can really help to reduce noise pollution from passers by and vehicles. Again this is a great reason if you are looking to sell your home, or if you have had enough of noisy people in the street keeping you up at night!

Added Privacy

When closed fully, shutters will eliminate all angles of view into your home. Fixed tight inside of your window frame, with movable slats, you have complete control over the privacy of your space.

Split top shutters allow you to keep the top half open, allowing in sunlight and fresh air, while the closed bottom half ensure complete privacy.

Compared to other window dressings, that have to be fully drawn back to allow in light exposing the inside of your home, shutters give you complete control. You can open the slats slightly allowing you to see outside, without the fear of people seeing in.

For more information about our stunning range of made to measure shutters, do contact 01438 553 121 for bespoke information.

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