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The best blinds for children’s bedrooms

//The best blinds for children’s bedrooms

The best blinds for children’s bedrooms

Throughout the home, each room serves a unique purpose. Whether it’s a place to rest your head, a space for working, cooking, eating or socialising, these different functionalities should always be kept in mind when making decor and design choices. Ensuring the room remains practical whilst still looking fabulous is something that shouldn’t be ignored, even in children’s bedrooms. A great way to incorporate playful patterns and bright colours into kids’ rooms is with blinds, and here we delve into the best blinds for children’s bedrooms!

Child safety: a key component for blinds for children’s bedrooms

It goes without saying that all aspects of a child’s bedroom revolves around safety, which is why all of our products meet mandatory safety standards being either “safe by design” or supplied with the appropriate child safety devices installed. Eliminating the need for cords and chains, we also offer a motorised system which sees blinds operated by remote control (please enquire for more information). This is a great option to consider if you’re skeptical about having blinds around children.

Following on from safety comes comfort, ensuring that your little one’s room is a pleasant, yet playful space for them to enjoy day and night. Here are our favourite window dressings and blinds for children’s bedrooms.

Roller Blinds

Firstly, PVC roller blinds are super easy to clean, ideal for repelling against little smudge-y fingerprints, grubby hands, and the occasional arts and crafts activity gone wrong. Your child’s bedroom can take quite the beating, so here it’s practical to create a space that’s easy to maintain and clean. With PVC roller blinds for children’s bedrooms, all it takes is a warm damp cloth to remove sticky stains quickly and efficiently.

Available in a range of playful prints, patterns and bright colours, you can select the perfect design for your little dinosaur enthusiast or woodland creature fanatic. There is always the option to choose a plain colour or more simple pattern, that will remain throughout the changing decor themes in your child’s bedrooms, as their interests change over the years.


Our roller blinds are also available in blackout and thermal fabrics, ensuring your little ones have a good night’s sleep in a room that is of a comfortable temperature.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds for children’s bedrooms are a great option to consider for those that are now seeking a more ‘grown up’ room, and a space where they can relax and socialise with friends. This style of window dressing provides warmth and comfort, and contributes a more sophisticated design element over roller blinds.

Roman blinds are a great alternative to curtains, especially in smaller spaces where lots of material can overwhelm the room. We still offer a range of gorgeous patterns for our Roller blinds, from bold florals to multicoloured stripes, for children that perhaps want to move away from prehistoric creatures and rabbits.

Fully lined Roman blinds also provide this style of window dressing with blackout qualities, and minimise the amount of light that enters the room when they are lowered.



We may be called Blinds By Martyn, but we are proud to offer a stunning range of curtains to provide that much needed privacy for your child as they grow. Curtains are a classic window dressing and guarantee warmth and cosiness in any space. This is especially needed in children’s bedrooms, where they develop as individuals.

Curtains are easier for children to operate than blinds. Although they may be a little trickier to clean, they will last for years and are a great choice for children that are maturing and now value their privacy.

When choosing curtains for your child’s bedroom, we offer thermal and blackout linings to help improve your homes thermal efficiency, as well as ensuring that your child’s room is comfortable and relaxing. Again, there’s a variety of patterns and materials to choose from to suit all ages and taste.


For more information regarding any of the window dressings we’ve discussed plus the motorised systems, contact the team at Blinds By Martyn today for bespoke advice, 01438 553 121.

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