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Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Blinds

//Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Blinds

Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Blinds

There are multiple different options when it comes to bathroom blinds, and making the right choice is highly important for this functional space. Each room in the home serves a different purpose in terms of functionality. This particular reason alone, is why some serious thought should be given when choosing new blinds for your bathroom.

In this guide, we reveal our top 4 tips to consider when deciding on new bathroom blinds, and explore the different options of window dressings that are suitable for this functional space.

Our Top 4 Tips for bathroom blinds

1. Say no to Wood

This means wooden Venetians and shutters are a no go when it comes to the bathroom. Real wood doesn’t work well in damp and humid conditions. The wood absorbs excess moisture which can result in the staining and/ or warping of the slats causing them to bend and twist over time.

If you prefer the sleek slatted appearance of Venetian blinds, faux wood or even aluminium Venetians are great options to consider. Venetian blinds are simple to operate, and at Blinds By Martyn we offer PVC blinds which are ideal for humid conditions. Allowing you to enjoy the sleek and modernist style of slatted blinds, without the risk of bending in the damp conditions, PVC fabrics are great for repelling moisture.

2. Consider moisture

We all know how humid and damp bathrooms can get. If it’s not steam from the bath or shower, it’s water splashes from the sink. These daily activities add moisture to the air, which will naturally affect any material within this space.

This is where blind design and material are really important factors to consider. The last thing you want to do is spend money on a beautiful blind, that will only stain or attract mould. This is  easily prevented, if the correct design and fabric choice is made during the decision making process.

3. Suitable Fabrics

To sum up the first two points, choice of materials is key. Similarly to real wood, there are other materials that are not suitable for the bathroom. Chenilles and velvets are to name a few. These materials do not work well in steamy and damp environments, as they can hold onto moisture. Your lovely blind will not last long when exposed to these conditions frequently.

4. Maximise light and control privacy

Bathroom blinds are more often than not required for privacy reasons, but this doesn’t mean that light should be fully shut out. Allowing light and air into the bathroom not only brightens up the space, but helps the room to de-steam, while sunlight absorbs excess moisture. When selecting bathroom blinds, consider sizes of slatts or panels, and how high or low the blind can be raised to expose or cover the window.

Designs of bathroom blinds

Now we have revealed our 4 top tips, let’s explore our favourite designs of blinds that will look fab in your bathroom.

Roller Blinds

With a neat and clutter free design, roller blinds are a great option. Offering flexibility in design, materials, light control and privacy, these are the most effective blinds for the bathroom.

At Blinds By Martyn, our roller blinds are available in PVC, waterproof and polyester materials, all great options for the conditions of the bathroom. With these types of fabrics, there’s no need to worry about water dam

age, especially if your bathroom is smaller, and your window is located above the sink or beside a shower/ bath. The moisture resistant materials repel mould, and all it takes is a wipe down with a warm soapy cloth, for the blind to look as good as new. Even frequent cleaning will not affect the moisture repelling fabric.

As mentioned previously, bathroom windows are frosted to protect privacy. Privacy can be further covered by the ‘sheet’ of fabric that a roller blind provides. With roller blinds you have complete control, as you adjust the window dressing to show as much or as little material as you prefer.

To compliment your space, we have an endless array of colours and patterns from bold prints to textured plains. If your bathroom is smaller, you may opt for lighter colours to brighten and open up the space, or go bold with striking patterns for a focal point in an all white bathroom. Style with matching accessories and towels, and you’ll have yourself a hotel worthy bathroom.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are often an overlooked window dressing for bathrooms, however, their moisture resistant properties can be a real bonus. These blinds are neat fitting and practical, and allow homeowners to have full access to the whole window when drawn, allowing floods of light to enter the space. Simply draw the blinds again for maximum privacy. Vertical blinds are especially practical for larger windows, as they can be made to fit virtually any size.

An additional benefit to Vertical blinds are the adjustable louvres. Vertical blinds work similarly to Venetian blinds, in the sense that they do not have to be completely drawn to allow light to pass through.

Our vertical blinds are available in a huge range of colours, textures and fabrics, that are easy to adjust and clean. A simple textured fabric is all that is needed for vertical blinds to make an impact.

Roman Blinds

Add warmth, style and texture with the soft pleats of Roman blinds. This may seem like we’re contradicting what we’ve previously preached, but for larger and less humid bathrooms, Roman blinds in cotton or polyester fabrics will look extremely elegant.

If your bathroom is ensuite, Roman blinds are a great way to carry on the colour scheme of your bedroom into the adjoining room. Thermal linings will also help keep warmth in the bathroom during the winter, allowing you to relax in a hot bubble bath in a bathroom that will stay warm.

Well ventilated bathrooms can especially benefit from Roman blinds, and we recommend they are placed away from direct moisture to maintain its style for the many years to come. If you do opt for Roman blinds, always be vigilant with keeping the fabric clean and fresh. When cared for properly, your Roman blinds will certainly stand the test of time.

Book your home design appointment today by calling 01438 553 121. Our experts can take measurements and talk you through the different design options and what they believe will work and look best in your home.

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