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Keep Your Home Warm this Winter: great blinds for warmth

//Keep Your Home Warm this Winter: great blinds for warmth

Keep Your Home Warm this Winter: great blinds for warmth

Unfortunately summer has come to an end, and our focus now turns from keeping cool to warming up! This is the optimal time to choose new blinds for warmth.

Tis the season where our energy bills are on the rise, but Blinds By Martyn are here to change just that, with the total guide on how blinds and other window dressings can keep your home warm this winter.

Blind Design

When people are choosing window dressings for their home, blinds and shutters’ thermal benefits are often overlooked.

Up to 50% of your homes heating is lost through the windows. If you are looking to change just that this winter, we suggest 6 designs. To retain heat, options that are not thinly slatted i.e. Venetian blinds, should not be at the top of your shopping list, therefore shutters, roman blinds, and curtains are amongst your best bets.

Duette blinds and Hive blinds – both of which are styles of cellular blinds – are great blinds for warmth, as they are very good at insulating your home. In fact they are more effective than rollers, if heat loss prevention is your main reasoning behind purchasing new blinds.


No fabric will completely prevent heat loss through your windows, however, some fabrics are better at conserving heat than others. Blinds and curtains made from thermal fabrics, are the best option material wise for keeping the heat inside your home.

Blackout blinds are also a cost effective method to consider, as they tend to be of a thicker fabric. So if you do not wish to go down the road of specific thermal blinds, blackout blinds are your next best option. Less substantial materials, such as plastic or PVC, do not retain heat very well. These are best for areas exposed to moisture – bathrooms and kitchens.

Proper Fit

In order to retain the heat inside your home, it is vital that your blinds fit your windows correctly. This is a great reason to go down the route of made to measure blinds, as ready made blinds may be just that few centimetres short, and that can make all the difference. Any gaps will allow the heat to escape, reducing the effectiveness of your window dressing.


You shouldn’t end your preventing heat loss efforts in the main parts of your house, especially if you have a large conservatory.

With blinds fitted to your conservatory windows, you are also helping to moderate the temperature of your home. Heat can also escape through the roof of your conservatory, so it’s essential that roof blinds are installed, to retain heat without blocking out the natural light.

At Blinds By Martyn, we offer a fantastic range of bespoke conservatory blinds. For more information click here.

Adjust your Blinds

To ensure your blinds for warmth are doing what they are meant to, remember to adjust them accordingly.

Opening the blinds in the morning will not only allow in floods of the beautiful early morning sunlight, but your windows are now able to let in heat rays, and your room will begin to warm up. When the sun goes down, either close your shutters, or draw your blinds fully to insulate your home and reduce the amount of heat that can escape.

Now we’ve discussed how blinds can insulate your home, let’s take a look at the different window dressings we have available at Blinds By Martyn, in order of their effectiveness in heat loss prevention.


Shutters can keep your home warm in 2 ways:

  • They can create a barrier when closed, significantly reducing the amount of heat that can pass through windows
  • The closed slatts prevent the cold outside air from entering your home.

Wooden shutters are ‘natural insulators’. Fully open your shutters during the day, to allow the winter sun to shine through and warm up the home. Completely close your shutters at night, to trap in the warmth that has built up during the day, and prevent it from escaping through the glass windows.

Window dressings like these ensure that the heat (or cold) does not disturb your comfort inside the house.

Roman Blinds and Curtains

From floral designs to contemporary velvet, Roman blinds and curtains will make an elegant addition to any window. Thicker materials will add to their insulation purposes, without looking to overwhelming.

Roman blinds are a great blinds for warmth and a fab choice for smaller windows, where the heaviness of  curtains can look ‘bulky’ in a smaller space. Roman blinds are also a stylish dressing even when drawn, as up 20cm of fabric is always exposed, making Roman blinds a fantastic choice for living rooms and bedrooms.

Curtains made of beautifully thicker materials i.e. velvet, chenille or velour, provide a dense barrier to the outdoor air. Match your new Roman blinds with gorgeous curtains, and you’ve got yourself a glamorous way of preventing heat from escaping your home.


Duette and Hive Blinds

Hive blinds are a great option for keeping your home warm this winter. Due to their style, Hive blinds trap air in an insulating layer, and block heat from the sun from entering the room, helping to keep the home a comfortable temperature all throughout the winter season.

Duette are also another style of cellular blinds, and will provide a sleek appearance to any room in the house. Duette blinds are known for being ‘energy saving’ and can help to reduce your bills by 25%, as they keep 46% more heat in your home, even if your windows are double glazed.

These blinds work in a similar way to Hive blinds. Their cellular structure traps air inside, insulating homes in the winter, and cleverly keeping the heat out during the summer. With Duette blinds, the home remains an ambient temperature all year round.

Roller Blinds

With their simple design, roller blinds are great blinds for warmth in bedrooms and bathrooms. Our roller blinds are available in blackout fabrics, which is a more budget friendly option to thermal fabrics. Their thermal abilities are not as effective as other window dressings, but they do double as a light barrier. Great for individuals who sleep better in darker environments.

Raking up high heating bills is one way to fight the cold this winter, but is an expensive option that you’ll repeat winter after winter. Choosing blinds for warmth from Blinds By Martyn, allows you to keep your home and family warm year upon year, without straining your finances.

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