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The latest interior trends for autumn/ winter 2018

//The latest interior trends for autumn/ winter 2018

The latest interior trends for autumn/ winter 2018

The change of season sprouts an opportunity to give our homes a much needed interior decor makeover. Whether you decide to completely redecorate your home, or make a few tweaks here and there, a new window dressing can be a simple, yet effective touch to transform your space. In this article, we’re diving deep into 4 major interior trends for autumn/ winter 2018, that can easily be implemented into your homes with stunning blinds from Blinds By Martyn.

Simply Scandi

Out of all the interior trends featured, this one is far from new. The Scandi trend has been adapted by homeowners across the world since the early 20th century. Its simplistic theme has increased its popularity over the last few years, with thanks to other favourited Scandinavian interior trends such as umage. This Nordic decor trend is here to stay, and is ideal for the upcoming seasons. Scandi is all about brightness, calmness, cosiness and comfort.

When we think of this trend; wood, black, white, clean lines, minimalism and functionality all spring to mind. Choosing a window dressing to fit this theme is far from difficult, as many styles meet this criteria.

Oak Wooden Venetian blinds: these blinds will look right at home alongside your new Scandi decor. The rugged, natural wood, provides warmth and cosiness, great for setting a serene ambience while you warm up by a log fire.

White Venetian blinds: the clean, smart lines of a white Venetian blind will maximise brightness and keep your room feeling open and inspiriting. The white slats combine the solid modernness of a wooden venetian, with the uplifting simplicity of the stark white.

Aluminium Venetians: for the bold and the brave, why not try black aluminium Venetians if your space is larger. In a simple room, the jet black slats can make a real impact, that will sit neatly at the top of your window when it’s time to let the morning winter sun shine through.

Shutters: if you are looking to create more drama, but wish to stick with the theme of brightness, shutters are an enduring and attractive alternative. These robust, elegant, and chic window dressings are really practical and give the home a clean, minimalist vibe. Available in white or other wooden tones, shutters provide a room a certain class you just do not get with other window dressings.

Pleated & Hive blinds: Nordic interior trends are all about clean lines, minimalism, and making the most of the natural light. These elements can all be achieved with pleated and Hive blinds. These blinds can be fully raised, to sit comfortably and neatly at the top of your windows, allowing floods of natural light into the space. Pleated and Hive blinds are the most simple and discreet window dressings available, so for something minimal, streamline and sleek, these blinds will look right at home in your new Scandi environment this upcoming autumn/ winter.


Deeper shades of blue

New interior trends often involve the rise of a new colour, and this trend sees a revolutionary change to an already much loved interior decor palette.

Duck egg, baby, and sky, are all shades of blue that come to mind when creating an interior colour palette, especially for bathrooms. Well this season, start thinking navy, teal and sapphire, as these deeper and vibrant shades of blue are taking over.

Reminiscent of the sea, deeper and darker shades create a rich and opulent environment in your home, while lively tones brighten up the space. We’re not suggesting you paint all your walls navy, rather introduce eye-catching hints of these gorgeous tones to make the room pop.

Roller blinds: luxurious weaved fabrics will add texture, and form a great base to allow lighter elements of decor stand out. With roller blinds, our fabrics are available in blackout, perfect for blocking out that early morning sunshine while you catch a few extra z’s.

Roman blinds: for something more expressive, incorporate sumptuous teals into unique patterns for a space worthy of boutique hotels. Roman blinds can add a softness to the room, that other window dressings cannot. Perfect for bedrooms and the living room.

Vertical blinds: in an all white bathroom, navy vertical blinds will sure stand out. Blue is an extremely popular accent colour, that can also be implemented with matching accessories. Vertical blinds are also great for the conditions of the bathroom, and super easy to clean.


Spiced Honey

When it comes to interior trends Dulux sure do have their finger on the pulse. They have predicted that Spiced Honey will take over interiors not just this season, but well into the new year. Experts and colour theorists believe this beautifully versatile warm amber colour, can be incorporated into many existing colour palettes, to reflect a new mood of positivity.

New interior trends often reflect the characteristics of the upcoming months. As we approach the busy festive season, Dulux believe this colour will create a space in your home where you can surround yourself with things and people that you love. This warming tone creates an inviting yet warm space, that puts everyone at ease when they enter your home.

Hive blinds: there’s hardly a colour that clashes with Spiced Honey, and Dulux recommend an assortment of encouraging shades. Pastel pinks, deep burgundy, rich blues and terracotta red are among an array of suggested complimentary shades. So whether you opt for a wall in this colour, or decide on a new blind, why not consider Hive blinds, that work great in the home all year round. Hive blinds allow a soft infiltration of light, so when the orange-y sun is setting, warm streams of soft light will fill the room.

Roller blinds: incorporate a focal point into the home with a patterned roller blind that features the colour of the moment. With patterns, you can tailor blinds to your individual style. From floral to geometric patterns, you can introduce the colour of the moment easier than you think.

Roman blinds and curtains: for the bedrooms and living room, Roman blinds and curtains are on trend right now. The soft and delicate fabrics add a real sense of cosiness to these spaces, and with an array of materials and patterns to choose from, why not compliment a patterned Roman blind with soft velour Spiced Honey curtains.


Spa Bathrooms

Of all the interior trends in this article, spa bathrooms is our personal favourite. Who wouldn’t want a serene, spa-like bathroom to relax in while the winter temperatures drop?

In this space, blinds are a great way for preventing heat loss. Due to the conditions of the environment, some blind styles work better in this space than others. To create a spa like bathroom, think soft light, calming colours, and overall tidiness.

Roller blinds: the fabric and pattern choices are endless when it comes to roller blinds, but to set the scene of a comfortable bathroom, roller blinds are highly effective at keeping the warmth in. If your bathroom is simple in design, a sheer pattern can add a real elegance to the space. When drawn, roller blinds can sit neatly at the top of the window, when natural light is needed. You can then adjust the blind to show as much or as little fabric as you wish, allowing you to control the amount of light that enters the space.

Roman blinds: these blinds work great in larger bathrooms, and the wide range of materials available mean soft, luxurious fabrics by the likes of velvets, velours, chenille and cottons can add to the luxe spa bathroom vibe.

Hive blinds: the atmosphere of a spa is peaceful and calm, and there is no better way to create this oasis than with delicate bursts of light. Hive blinds are great for filtering light and will leave your bathroom feeling tranquil in no time. Opt for calming colours, such as creams, beiges, pale greys and light blues, and you’ll soon be transformed to a luxury hotel spa.


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