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pleated blinds from Blinds By Martyn


Pleated blinds can often  blend in easily with current decor due to their clean, orderly design. Their discreet appearance lends them to suiting trickier spaces. The nature of their fit allows them to prevent heat from escaping through your windows. Choose from one of the many colors and designs that allow light to filter beautifully into your room or choose a blackout option to ensure privacy with little effort.

Child safety is a very important part of what we do at Blinds by Martyn. We ensure that all our products meet mandatory safety standards being either “safe by design” or supplied with the appropriate child safety devices installed. Enquire for more info.


“Pleated blinds are great to look at and are very practical with their discreet appearance. Not to mention they are great at helping prevent heat from escaping through your windows.”


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