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Roman Blinds VS Roller Blinds

//Roman Blinds VS Roller Blinds

Roman Blinds VS Roller Blinds

With a variety of sizes, shapes and styles of windows, you may find that due to space restrictions, the style or period of your home, or simply the design of the window itself, blinds are the best option and will work better than a pair of curtains. Roller and Roman blinds are two of the most popular decorative styles of blinds available, with an endless array of colours, patterns and materials. Both blinds have their pros and cons, but it’s all about finding the style that will look and work better in your home.

Controlling Light Intake

Roman and roller blinds both have different advantages when it comes to controlling light intake.

If you are looking to fix a blind into a recess, roller blinds are the perfect choice, as you can still maximise light intake. With roller blinds, the fabric can roll up completely at the top of your window, meaning you have complete control over how much material covers the window. This is especially a good feature if you have smaller windows, but want to allow in as much natural light as possible. If you are looking to increase the amount of light intake into your rooms, roller blinds may be the better option, over Roman blinds.

On the other hand, if your room is exposed to sunlight all day and your room becomes very hot, Roman blinds are a practical option. With Roman blinds, due to the nature of the style, between 10-20 cm of fabric is always exposed. With Roman blinds from Blinds By Martyn, you can ensure that the fabrics and styles we have available, can control your rooms light intake, without darkening or blacking out the room too much.


Fabric Designs

With Roman blinds, one of the main benefits is the amount of pattern/ material shown, whether the blind is up or down. If the pattern you choose is a key part of your interior design scheme, a Roman blind will dress your window and create more of a decorative feature than a roller blind. Placing a Roman blind outside the window recess will help to make the window appear larger.

Roller blinds are great for ensuring privacy. If you are likely to have your blinds drawn fully or partially the majority of the time, for example in a front window or bathroom, a roller blind with a print or pattern can be just as effective as a Roman blind. Roller blinds are also ideal for kitchens. Read our Kitchen Window Dressings blog post for more inspiration, but just to refresh your memory, kitchens can be a disaster zone at times. With sauces flying around and grease splatters appearing on every surface, curtains and fabric blinds aren’t the best option for this space. Opt for waterproof roller blinds to repel the moisture or fabrics that can easily be wiped down.


Traditional VS Contemporary

Depending on the period of your property, you will want your interior blinds to reflect the exterior of your house.

If you are trying to create a classic, traditional style in your home, Roman blinds are the perfect window treatment to reflect this. The sophisticated soft pleats of a Roman blind lends itself to a more classic interior style. Roman blinds are great for dressing living rooms and guest bedrooms. This style of blind oozes luxury, and depending on the material you choose, can seem far more expensive than it actually is.

Alternatively, roller blinds are more contemporary, so if your home is newer, you may enjoy this more simple and practical window dressing. If you have a minimalist decor, this type of blind is perfect due to it’s sleek, simple look. Our specialist fabrics of waterproof, blackout and sheer materials, make these blinds a great choice for a variety of rooms in your home.

Waterproof materials will work well in your bathrooms and kitchens, where they may be more exposed to moisture. Blackout fabrics will work fantastically in bedrooms, where you or your family sleep better in darker environments.


Insulation and Cooling

Window coverings can help reduce energy loss through the windows, while lowering heating and cooling bills. Around 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows. On the other hand, in the hotter months UV rays from the sun penetrate through the windows, where it cannot escape back out, resulting in your room becoming unbearably hot. Thicker materials may be your best option here as they can block the sunlight from entering your room in the summer, and prevent heat escaping back out in the winter.

Both Roman and roller blinds operate efficiently at insulation or cooling a room, with an array fabrics available, some thin and some thick.

Overall, there are no limitations as to where a stylish Roman or roller blind can be placed. Contact Blinds By Martyn today for bespoke advice. Our team can come to your home and show you a range of samples to help with your decision, 01438 553 121.


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