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Brighten up your windows: give shutters a shot

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Brighten up your windows: give shutters a shot

Window dressings really set the tone for the feel of a room. The right dressing can turn any window into a real focal point in a home. However, making the right decision can be tricky, particularly if you have trouble visualising the final effect.

Some windows are easier to dress than others: a standard sized window in a lounge requires a lot less thinking about than a full height barn front with twelve pains of glass or a boxed bay window for example.

In this article, I want to focus on bay windows because it is this type of window that we receive the most enquiries about.

Bay windows are hugely popular in the UK and can take a variety of forms: angled, bow, multifaceted to name some of the types. Whichever you have, they are sure to have more glass in than a standard window, which means more potential heat loss. This is one of the factors to consider when thinking about a window treatment and one that many of our customers have concerns about.

Another point to consider is the the primary purpose of a bay: to create extra interior space as it jutts outwards. In doing so, this design allows the room to be exposed to maximum light. It is this that you need to make the most of when choosing a window treatment.

Thinking about the purpose of the shape of the window makes thinking through its treatment far easier. These windows were designed for space and light so it is these qualities that need to be exploited.

While traditionally, a bay window might have been dressed with lengthy curtains, swags and tiebacks, many people are now turning to shutters which can add a much more modern feel. There are various reasons for this shift in attitude.

Shutters on a bay window can have a transformatory lightening effect. Often, curtains used in a bay window can be too heavy, take up too much space and block out the light. At Blinds by Martyn, our shutters are fixed directly to the window or frame and maximise the light that comes through the window.

By tilting the shutters as required, it’s possible to minimise the direct glare of the sun which can also lead to fading of furniture.

When closed across a window at night, shutters give you complete darkness, a degree of insulation and even some soundproofing.

If low maintenance is high on your agenda, it’s also worth bearing in mind that shutters are really easy to maintain. More than that, they are incredibly easy to clean – in stark contrast to curtains, which can get dusty quite quickly and are much more labour intensive to clean.

If you know you like the style of shutter blinds in principle but don’t know where to start, first look at some of the designs on our dedicated page and consider your preference – plantation style, laminated black gloss or even cafe style. Whichever you like, we can help you narrow down your options and choose the right shutters for your space.

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