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wooden venetian blinds from Blinds by martyn


Venetian blinds allow you to combine real style with practicality. They are great for controlling light levels and introduce the natural beauty of wood in a variety of shades. These made to measure blinds also allow you to choose the side of your controls.

Made to measure Wooden Venetians give you a choice of having your controls on whichever side you prefer instead of the standard raise and lower on the right and tilt on the left.

Child safety is a very important part of what we do at Blinds by Martyn. Our Venetian blinds can still have the cords fitted to them, however, they will separate to avoid making a continues loop. A cleat may be attached to a wall/frame and a minimum of 150cm off the floor, or motorisation, can be an option as this would mean no hanging cords.


“Wooden Venetian blinds offer a classic, timeless look that fits nearly every home and is one you’ll love for years to come”


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